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Purpose Statement

The purpose of Threads of Hope is to increase access to holistic, faith-sensitive counseling and behavioral health care for individuals and families at affordable rates.  We operate as a Texas non-profit corporation and are exempt from federal income taxation under IRC Sec 501(c)(3).

Services Provided

Threads of Hope provides the service of matching Austin area individuals and families in need of mental health services with faith-sensitive mental health professionals who operate in private practice settings.   For clients without access to personal funds or insurance sufficient to pay for needed mental health services, we can provide a financial subsidy to make such treatment possible.   For clients who have  financial resources available, we offers access  to faith sensitive mental health providers.

Efficient Distribution

Threads of Hope is committed to having 90% of all donations received go directly  to client service.

Threads of Hope Community

Threads of Hope operates through a community of support generated by the interaction of our volunteer board of directors, staff, community volunteers, and mental health professionals.  Our mental health professionals are fully licensed and credentialed and are committed preserving the faith-sensitive aspects of the professional counseling relationship.  At this time 23 mental health providers have been reviewed and approved by the board of directors as part of the Threads of Hope provider network.

Our Clients

People in need of mental health services (our clients) come to Threads of hope by referral from: faith communities (i.e., churches, synagogues, etc.), information and referral agencies (211, United Way), medical professionals, word of mouth, and other mental health providers who are aware of our ability to provide faith sensitive counseling and/or financial subsidy in appropriate circumstances.  Through our client intake process, we will evaluate financial need and other factors relevant to appropriate referral and offer provider options from within the Threads of Hope network of providers.  In addition, the listing of professionals in our network enables those in need to access our providers directly.




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Become A Thread

Threads of Hope Volunteer & Support

Your gift of time is a great way to help support our mission. Threads of Hope is always looking for volunteers who are interested in contributing their time and skills.

Where You Tie In

There are a variety of ways you can volunteer your time to support this important mission.

Current needs include:

> Board Members

> Advisory Board Members -

> Church Advocate
> Community Development
> Host
> Publicity
> TOH Volunteer Coordinator

Volunteers with interest and skills in:

> administration
> data management
> marketing
> public speaking
> event planning
> grant writing
> social media
> fund raising

Drop Us A Line

Find out how you can become a thread of hope, so that we can increase the number of individuals who receive much-needed assistance.

Emergency Disclaimer

We are not an Emergency Response Provider.  If you or someone you are seeking to help is experiencing a psychiatric emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest Emergency Room.

Discover More Details

Threads of Hope Services & Programs

Please browse our list of Services and Programs to find a general range of information for each category. Click the topic headers for more details, or access the pages under the Services tab in the menu.

Individual Counseling for Adults, Seniors, Teens and Children

With 25 different clinicians, we have several people who work with each phase of life.

Group counseling for Adults

We offer therapeutic and psycho-educational groups on topics such as stress management, anger management, men’s issues, loss and bereavement.

Family Counseling

Several of our counselors are social workers or marriage and family therapists or counselors with experience in working on family dynamics.

Marriage Counseling

Many of our providers are very experienced in working with couples and helping them to find healing in their marriage relationship.

Relationship Counseling

As faith sensitive counselors, we respect the beliefs of our clients and are open to supporting individuals or couples seeking to strengthen and deepen their commitments and build relationship strengths.

Pre-Marital education and counseling

Many of our clinicians do this work to help the couple to each learn about themselves, their partners and how these dynamics will interact as they make a new family unit.

Stress Management

A number of our clinicians offer individual stress management work and several of our providers are specifically trained in MBSR  (Mindful Based Stress Reduction).

Community Support and Education

Our providers enjoy giving presentations to churches, Sunday school classes, parenting or school groups or any group that would like to have a presentation about counseling and well-being.

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